Reading Romans in Context: Paul and Second Temple Judaism – Book Review
Edited by Ben C. Blackwell, John K. Goodrich & Jason Maston

The book, ‘Reading Romans in Context’ is an academic work which can be used for an in depth study of the book of Romans in the bible.

‘Reading Romans in Context’ is a comprehensive work book of Romans which contains rich knowledge regarding Paul’s teaching and the roots of the Judaism. Through this book, the reader will learn about what Paul meant by using certain phrases and themes in the book of Romans such as “Son of God, God’s wrath, women & christian ministry and many more. In other words, readers will be able to understand the teachings of Paul by diving into the roots of Judaism and by exploring Judean culture.

Personally, I would read it again to study more about the book of Romans . However, some may find it difficult to understand the content during the first read. That is why I conclude that Romans in context is a in depth study guide for the book of Romans. Therefore, some of the readers may have to read the text a couple of times to grasp the essence of the book.

Note: I requested this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to read it and offer an honest review.